Part of a much larger campus this now vacant building at North Valley State Sanatorium was built in the 1930s at a cost of only $600,000. Known originally as the Children’s Hospital this building served as a preventorium for tuberculosis. The Children’s Hospital consisted of two wings jutting from a central pavilion. The building included two indoor pools designed specifically for tuberculosis patients, a library, four classrooms, exercise rooms, single patient rooms as well as wards, an auditorium, a movie theatre, lounges, and a complete single-family house in the east wing for rehabilitation. The hospital opened in 1940 and was used as a preventorium until 1956. From 1956-1959 it provided a home for mentally retarded women. From 1965-1985 the building housed geriatric patients. The building closed in 1985 due to a deteriorating roof and has been sitting vacant since.