The National Park Seminary, also known as The Seminary at Forest Glen is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. The campus history dates way back to the 1800s when an Inn was built in 1887. At the time the area was not easy to access from DC and the hotel suffered financially. In an effort to revive the Inn it was converted into a casino with gambling and bars but the idea did not work. In 1894 the property was leased and the casino was converted into a finishing school for girls. Hard times during the depression hurt enrollment and the primary focus of the school was changed from training the rich elite to a college that all could benefit from emphasizing on academics and practical trade skills that improved employability. Soon after the United States entered WW2 and the property was taken by the Army to use for treatment and recovery of wounded soldiers returning to the states. The property was known as the Walter Reed Army Medical Center during this era. In 2004 ownership of the property was transferred to developers. The developers plan to add to, convert and reuse the existing buildings for residential use including 130 condos, 66 rental units, 13 single family homes and 98 brand new townhouses. Housing is expected to be available in 2007.