The Nike named after the Greek goddess of victory, was the name given to a program that produced the worlds first successful guided surface-to-air missiles. During the start of the cold war the United States built Nike missile sites around populated areas due to the threat of a new wave of soviet long range bomber aircraft which were capable of carrying bombs well withing the continental US.This Launch Control Area (LCA) site consits of about 10 acres. On site is a guardhouse, former barracks, water tanks, pump house, an acid-neutralization pit, three missile silos, three monitoring wells, and numerous trailers, autos and other misc junk. In 1954, the United States Government obtained the land for the this Nike Launch site from a private owner. The site formerly contained the equipment required to assemble, test, and maintain missiles and associated launchers. According to the current owner, in 1962, the site was deactivated because it was unsuitable for the Hercules missile system that began deployment that year. Between 1962 and 1985, the site was inactive, and the property was still owned by the Federal Government. In 1985, a neighboring farmer purchased the property from the Federal Government for $65,000. For a short time in 1986, the property was leased to the County Police Department. Since then, the property has been used by the farmer.This site is on the State Master List that identifies potential hazardous waste sites in Maryland. Because of that it can’t be used for much of anything and sits over-grown and piled with junk. The site barely resembles the military facility it used to be. The watch towers are gone and the access doors to the silos have been welded shut. Other access points have been locked via pad-locks.