St. Mary’s College also known as “Hell House” was originally named Mount Saint Clemens. The religious school for boys was started in the mid 1800s by a religious group calling themselves “The Redemptorists”. In 1882 a new chapel was built and encouragement from Pope Poious IX led the Redemptorists to change the name of the school to St. Mary’s College.The Redemptorists continued to operate the school until 1972 when it closed due to a decreasing number of students. In 1987 the land was split up and sold to the state and to the private investor listed above.Around this time a man known as Allen Hudson became the caretaker of the property. Hudson kept up the place best he could and chased off thrill seekers and vandals while living in a stone house on the property. Hudson was well known by the local trespassers as the mean old man with the rottweilers and a shotgun. Hudson was even charged with assault, battery and assault with the intent to murder in 1996 when he shot and critically wounded a trespasser. I don’t know what came of the charges but Hudson remained caretaker and continued living on the property.On Halloween night in 1997 the main building was burned down by vandals. The brick walls that remained were unstable and threatened the caretaker’s home if they fell, because of this the caretaker was forced by police to leave.The ruins have since been totally demolished.