Forest Haven Asylum, also known as the D.C. Training School was a mental retardation facility operated by the District. When it opened sometime in the 1920s Forest Haven was know as a state-of-the-art treatment facility. The 250 acre compound was occupied by over 30 buildings including cottages, a kitchen, theater, gym, a hydrotherapy building, and various other hospital and educational buildings. As time went on the newness wore off at Forest Haven and it became a dark wretched place where the only way out for many was a tiny basement morgue that was the last stop before an unmarked grave onsite. It has been reported that the same graves are occasionally uncovered by flooding and erosion. Forest Haven was closed in 1991 by the Federal Government after a lawsuit reported hundreds of incidents of abuse, neglect, molestation and stealing. There were also reports of experimental medical testing where helpless patients were used as human guinea pigs.Today a handful of the buildings remain in use for education and rehabilitation but most of the site remains abandoned and rotting.