During the Spanish-American war the only naval defense for Baltimore was the famous Fort McHenry. Made famous during the War of 1812 when the Americans fought the British in the Battle of Baltimore at which time the "Star-Spangled Banner" was also written by Francis Scott Key. Nearly 100 years later the fort had been rendered useless for naval defense. In 1901, Congress created the U.S. Army Coastal Artillery Corps. The CAC was responsible for establishing a new harbor defense for Baltimore and to do so they built a network of forts to protect the Inner Harbor. Two of these forts were Fort Howard also known as the Fort at North Point and Fort Armistead also known as Hawkins Point. These forts were loaded down with troops and anti-ship cannons that never really saw any wartime action. As time went on the defenses quickly became outdated and useless against advancing military weaponry and the forts were used for training or ammo storage only. The forts were later stripped down and are now used as public parks.