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Thread: What got you guys started in exploring?

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    Rather convoluted:

    I'm a fan of X-Strike Studios, a bunch of guys in NY who make video game based movies. Through their site I found some of their LJ links and poked through their profiles. One of them had some amazing pictures posted and the most recent set was of an abanoned hospital his friend's father worked at and let them have free run of for the day. Through HIS cross posts I found some LiveJournal UE groups I started watching.

    I emailed him once or twice complimenting his pictures and asked about what equipment he used which sparked my research on DSLRs and his every day shots inspired me in general to get back into the photography. The LJ goups, however, completely sucked me in and I've been beyond fascinated with the concept ever since.

    Sadly, I don't know the 'motivation offender' very well which dosn't make him a good conduit to finding people to explore with or places to go so I've been trying to find my way on my own. I've had to satisfy myself with searching the side of the highway every where I go for places to shoot. I am continually inspired by pictures of the real deal, the factories and hospitals and all of that and hope to be able to get into some of those, preferably with experienced explorers who I can learn from.

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    Ever since I was a kid I would spend hours in the woods looking for something that was a human creation that was left behind...Now I'm just trying to make an album cover...

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