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Thread: Options for UA

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    Default Options for UA

    Here is a short list of a few options that we can do to improve the UA experience.

    1.Turn on quick reply

    2. Remove vb copyright / vb fixer copyright on footer template and replace with UA copyright (optional)

    3. Add more emoticons (UE style)

    4. Fix uncategorized category's = groups, and blogs have no category's.

    5. Lower the time for auto save on posts prior to posting

    6. Fix the login redirect when password is invalided, - redirect gets broken.

    7. Attachment size adjusted from thumbnail to 600px ( this will allow attached images to show full sized)

    8. Optional plugins - VBSEO, VBChat, VB Blog, VB Gallery- for members

    9. Turn off RSS, its annoying and no one uses it.

    10. Upload a favicon to fit the UA theme, VB's favicon is bland.

    these are just merely suggestions, and if help is needed I will gladly lend a coding hand.

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