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Thread: Baltimore to New York & back again

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    Default Baltimore to New York & back again

    What up peoples.

    Very happy to find this site. I'm originally from Baltimore and Southern Maryland. I currently live in New York, but make it back to MD quite often. It's great to see many of the MD sites online. Back when I was living in MD there wasn't a lot of explorers, and the communication was lacking to say the least.

    For the sake of introductions, I'll post some of my photos below of various expeditions. The locations vary quite a bit. Everything from Australia, Athens, Los Angeles, Norway, Baltimore, New York and beyond.

    My passion is for subways, tunnels and underground locations.

    I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has managed to infiltrate the Baltimore Subway line or the Washington DC Metro. Any info on access hatches, utility rooms, dead tracks, or layups would be most welcome.

    I travel frequently and I am also an artist / photographer

    Pleasure to (virtually) meet everyone. Looking forward to checking out some of the spots on here.

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    Great shots, I can tell you have spent a lot of time in tunnels!

    Here is a link that talks about the design of the Metro system a bit.

    The subway is separate from that and there are also CSX freight tunnels.

    Supposedly there is an unfinished station platform underground in the middle of the hanover street tunnel which runs from the stadium to mt royal. this is the tunnel where the csx line derailed a few years back. causing a ton of damage. Never seen any pics but heard from multiple sources that it exists.

    You may also be interested in the Jones Falls Conduit. I have a gallery up here:

    Depending on conditions you may be able to walk into it from the north end but most people have kayaked in from the south.

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    Welcome to UER!
    Cool to see some underground stuff on here.
    Work. Buy. Consume. Die.


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