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Thread: Hello from Damascus, Maryland

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    Default Hello from Damascus, Maryland

    Hey y'all.

    I am new to the forum, but not to the hobby. I started out way way back when I was 12 with friends. We explored paper mills, asylums, hospitals and anywhere else we could get into. I never really got into the forums or social side of the hobby before.

    I recently left the military after 13 years and went reserves. I have been lucky enough to urbex sites in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti in my travels.

    I was more of a pure explorer in the old days, but have gotten more and more into photography. My photos can be found here:

    I explore mainly with a close friend, but do a lot of solo exploring as well. I usually go for abandonments. Less draining and rooftopping than in my younger days, not that I am old per se. I have been known to go upwards of 300 plus miles for a good hack and look forward to any meet ups or gatherings.
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    Hello Welcome to the forum.
    I like your photography on your tumblr, nice work. Looking forward to seeing some of your work posted here.


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    Thanks Alex.

    I'm catching up with great sites in this region before they all go away.

    Although with the current economic situation, I do not see that happening soon. It costs more to demo than to let places crumble.

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