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I found this old place a long time ago, got scared off by guy living in the right section of it though. Needless to say I had been wanting to return ever since, because not knowing what’s inside is the worst, not knowing what I'm missing.

I went back just this week, walked around and saw the brand new truck chillin' there. So we sighed and walk to the back side of the property, found some storage sheds with a ton of files out of the place but nothing way to interesting. We started to walk back to the car when I said, "I want to go around the front side and get a quick exterior. Upon doing this we noticed the truck had gone and the gate was locked. I took this as my opportunity, found an entrance soon there after and went on in.

The first floor was pretty dark from being well boarded but I still got a few shots there. The second floor was a lot easier to shoot and there was less clutter and a bit more to see up there.

After looking around for a bit we ended up over top of where the person stays. Saw a few cords and lights, we didn't pay much mind but it was obvious that this person does come into the run down section occasionally. We walked a little further until I stepped into a room where I noticed a camera facing out the window,

I got a little bit closer to it and noticed it was fairly new age and running, we followed the cord and it trailed back inside the living area. After that we thought it might be best to head out sooner than later.

We ended up getting caught up in the place and blocked the door the person had been using with a bunch of random appliances and kept shooting. We didn't see much else other than a turkey buzzard that wanted to kill us.

Once we left I took a peek out front and noticed the truck had returned so we got back to the car as soon as we could.