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Thread: Patuxent metal hospital security

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    I have been there several times over the past couple of years. Only thing I have noticed is more damage. Scrappers, vandals and taggers making the place more of a mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDexplorer View Post
    I got apprehended here this past weekend and it was serious business. I had a Sony NX Cam and my friend had a Canon 7D and they stopped us and took our cameras away. We were told to get them monday but when we got there they said we can't get them until tuesday. We said "no no that wont due" and then they said ok but you cant have the memory cards. We finally bartered and begged until they just let us delete the footage on the grounds. They showed mercy by not persecuting.
    If you handed your camera or card to a security guard, you are an idiot. You can tell them to go to hell and walk away. police, of course, are a different story.

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