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    Default Pentagon

    Went to the Pentagon the other day for lunch and a very long walk through some empty looking hallways.

    there are no pictures from inside the pentagon... because obviously that is not allowed.

    Nothing really got to me.. until we started to walk through the rings that were hit.
    not really a happy picture... but its got a point

    its from the pentagon memorial. building in the background is obviously the pentagon. if you look at the color of the stones/tiles you can see the lighter part... which was where the plane hit.

    my dad gave my friend and I a tour inside the wing that was hit (obviously no pictures from that.. I dont want to go to jail). Then we walked along outside too. There is even a brick at the bottom of the building from the original wall. Its all charred and black engraved with "September 11th, 2001"

    the memorial is organized in lines of benches, by the birth years of those who died.

    there are blanks left for years that are not represented by any of the ones who died.
    my friend and I are sitting on 1988 and 1987... our birth years. Where our benches would of been.

    those not familiar with the memorial. the benches look like this.

    ones pointing away from the pentagon were in the building. ones pointing towards the building, were on the plane.

    this was pointed towards the building... in the line for the year 1992. the names on the bottom in water.. are the rest of her family (they also have benches). her sister was 3.

    fun facts for the day...
    - Construction of the Pentagon began on September 11th 1941
    - There was also a guy inside the section that was hit... that apparently decided to go to the bathroom when the plane hit. That trip to the bathroom saved his life. So that teaches us... NEVER HOLD IT!!

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    Great photos, I need to visit that memorial sometime.

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    I held it once and got the 2 for 1 special. So never hold it doesn't count.
    I masturbate alone.


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    Oh - thanks for telling me you'd be in my place of work.
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