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Thread: Main Page Makeover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    Those are a quick fix to the leaves that were there before (nature theme i hacked). Any ideas for replacement or just make it solid white?
    I'd just delete them and have those white tables end right after the category/tag listing.

    Unless you want to replace them with a set of boobs.
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    Is it really necessary to give out the real names of locations?
    At the risk of being the cranky old dissident, I wish that when I had joined this site, not even two years ago, that all these locations had been made public. It would've saved me a heap of time doing research. Is this a site about urban exploration or a tourism board?

    Despite my grievances about openly publicizing local attractions, the main page does look very good and featuring members galleries is a great idea.
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    My thoughts on using real names has changed significantly in the past year or so.

    1. The majority of the places I/we have tried to protect have have fallen victim to demolition, rehab, or vandalism regardless.

    2. My book. Putting out a book with fake names would just be stupid. Might as well have my location names/write-ups here match the ones in the book.

    3. Traffic. There are hundreds of people googling these places everyday. They will find what they are looking for eventually, might as well be with us.

    As far as legality issues. I'm more worried about whats for lunch...

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