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Thread: Explore Solo Much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueTaco View Post

    The day after the power plant, I explored with two others. Comfort in numbers, except that we all wandered away from each other. At some point, I saw someone walking around and I had to pause and think "is that one of us or is that some security?" It was one of our group fortunately, but still.

    With a group, as small as it was, there are still issues about keeping the group together and how long people take photographing stuff while everyone else wants to move on.
    I guess that's when we went.
    I wish you would have said something if you were uncomfortable.

    I never stick close to people when I explore.

    Actually, I think that's one of the reasons I explore; to get away from people.

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    It was that day and it's all good. Actually, I am the kind of person to wander off and do my own thing too. That's a benefit of exploring alone, you can totally get lost in what you are doing.

    BTW, I drove by today, and I was definitely looking to see if I saw anyone darting between buildings or wandering around, but it was dead.
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