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    I just recently got interested in UE this winter with an amazing day spent in the Paris Catacombs. I was hoping to get some advice and tips from more experienced explorers. I'd love to hear advice on gear, locations to get started, photography tips or whatever. I'm a complete newbie so even the most basic info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Voodoo there are much more experienced explorers than me on this site but for what it's worth here is my advice: Most important thing I'd say is to always research your location really well before you go. In particular the satellite, there's alot out there. Get a feel for the layout of whatever facility you're visiting. Do a drive by "scouting mission", and look for good places to park. Basically put a little effort in and do your homework before you go. Your gear might change depending on where you are going, but the most obvious ones are first aid kit, flashlight, and an asbestos respirator. There should be a few threads around on what kind of mask to get.

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    Manvil's suggestions were good for computer research... Sometimes its even easier to just get in a car and drive. Look for unmarked roads that dissapear into the woods somewhere. Look for boarded up windows or tall grass. Drive to the city and look for brick smoke stacks and watertowers with graffiti on them which usually are signs of an old or possibly abandoned site.

    As for equipment I usually have...
    -Dark clothes, I prefer rip-stop military stuff
    -Kevlar lined waterproof tactical boots (maybe my best investment)
    -2 flashlights w/ spare batteries
    -asbestos rated mask
    -first aid & plenty of paper towels
    -cell phone & 2-way radios
    -ID! if your caught without it they hold you longer
    -business cards
    -pens and markers
    -chalk! there is always a chalkboard and NO chalk!

    -Camera & lenses
    -Spare batteries, spare mem-card and lens wipes
    -zip lock bags to keep camera safe in rain or stream crossing

    -1 liter of gatorade
    -a snack

    Thats my typical pack. Specific locations may require more or less.
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    That's right Voodoo, we carry everything that Dan listed above & also you should always let someone else know where you're going. Therefore if anything happens, they can find your dead ass lol! Try to go in smaller groups & always in pairs. Also make sure you have a good story just in case you get caught by Johnny Law. Happy Exploring!!!

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