herban explorers

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  1. fatLouie
    Explore this.

  2. Doomed
    when and where?
  3. sean
    photo is blurry as hell; but, almost there.
    under the magnifying glass, about 40% of the trichomes are amber.
    this is a strange strain for me, as it's almost ripe and yet only about half of the calyxes have browned. oh well, i judge by the trichs.

    going to start flushing next week. =]

  4. fatLouie
    And? how was it
  5. sean
    only got like an oz off it. but it was fabulous.
    it's nice when you know for sure what you're smoking is 100% organic.

    speaking of fantastic..
    im at the bottom of the bag on two strains now. aurora indica (fucking amazing indica) and texada timewarp (hard sativa). i just got back from splorin in the ghetto with alex. he came in and we smoked a few bongs of the aurora... five minutes later he asked me if i put something in the pot. now, he's staring at the ceiling trippin' out. hah.
    never underestimate seans pot.
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