Sushi Explorers

  1. breviceps

    (Need I say more?!?)
  2. mentok
    whats everyones favorite sushi?

    i know what mine is
  3. breviceps
    Anything cooked for me. But volcano roll is one of my favorites because it's spicy and creamy at the same time. Raw, I can eat but I dislike it because I only taste the soy sauce.

    I can make my own really well, both with rice on the inside or outside, but I just prefer to have someone make it for me and indulge.
  4. mentok
    yeah, i like to make my own too, in fact i even give lessons...although i worry about knife wielding cows, boda and roe boats...
  5. breviceps
    I'm glad we were able to go and eat sushi yesterday. Too bad Sheva wasn't around (and Kritter). Then it would have been a party!
  6. mentok
    we needz moar sushi pics...and outings...

    apparently there are several rotating sushi bars in DC we need to hit too...
  7. breviceps
    Hmmm. I'd do some macro sushi pictures.
  8. mentok
    yes, now plz
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