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  1. breviceps
    Awww... thanks for the invite mentok, even though I'm not from the DC metro area. I guess you need a token Baltimore metro area guy.
  2. fatLouie
    May I suggest an alternative name:

  3. breviceps
    Oooh. Me likey!!!
  4. mentok
    fatLouie, that rules!
  5. mentok
    actually anyone who is in the DC metro area or who is part of the DCUE meetup.com group...

    although we do have a token new englander...
  6. breviceps
    True... Pluvius trumps me in that respect.
  7. mentok
    Anyone interested there is a Meetup this weekend Sat @ 1pm, let me know if your interested via PM
  8. Construct
    Bleh, I'll be in Atlanta
  9. mentok
    Meetup coming up Nov 9th, 11am I think, PM me for details
  10. Construct
    I'd attend the bar meetup but I'm not yet 21. Though if there is an informal drinking meetup, let me know.
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