herban explorers

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  1. sean
    I just spent $315 all together on a mini perc'd roor and I'm in love with it.
  2. fatLouie
    my 4/20 was 1/2 oz of regs whipped up into firecrackers.

    edibles make lemons into lemonade!!

    oh and lets see the binger, mate
  3. sean
    firecrackers are fucking fun!
    haven't eaten them in like a year or two.


    ash catcher isn't pictured =/
    so far I'm still loving this thing. At only 14" it is the most convenient glass on glass bong I've owned. Infact, this lil guy rapes my big, expensive, triple perculated phx trinity in every aspect.
  4. sean
    welcome monk!
  5. sean
    bahhhh this place is dead. c'mon stoner kids!!!!
  6. Paranoid?
    Who you callin kid?
  7. sean
    sorry, I definitely should have clarified a little bit better;

    bahhhh, this place is dead. c'mon stoner kids,
    and that one old dude!!!!

  8. sean
    who smokes schwag?
    sean smokes schwag.

    bahhhh for waiting for them 'flowers' to bloom.
    i've been smoking the same mids for like a damn month now.

    and you guys suck, cuz I mean, this place is like, ya know - deader than the f/rox group page. and that's pretty bad.

    okay, maybe not deader than the frox thinger, but still. <3
  9. sean
    sean loves purple kush.


    purple kush loves sean.
  10. sean
    og kush. what?!
    citri-mango. WHAT?

    you guys must not indulge mulch anymore.
    cuz, me - I'm in greenery heaven.

    post more fuckers!
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