Urban Atrophy The Book

After years of hard work Urban Atrophy the book has finally been completed and is available from all major book sellers. If you don't already have a copy here are some trusted sites you can order from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Schiffer Publishing. You can also check for Urban Atrophy on the shelf at your local bookstore. If they don't have it they should be able to get it. The ISBN number is 9780764337383.

Just in case you have been living under a rock... Urban Atrophy is a "coffee table" style book packed with amazing photos and bits of history on abandoned and off-limits places in the mid-Atlantic area.

Urban Atrophy will take you to another world, a surreal dream where all the people just disappeared and left everything behind. You know that these places were once crowded and noisy with people, but now these buildings lie silent and dying – power plant, jail, church, sanitarium, whatever it was. You can’t help but wonder things. What did the men running this machinery like to joke about on their lunch break as the asbestos filled air ripped years away from them? What did the prisoner in this cell think as he sat on death row, and what had he done to get there? How many children passed thru this morgue? What are the worst sins people begged forgiveness of at this altar? There is just so much more to these places than concrete and wood.

Book Details

Author: Dan Haga
ISBN: 9780764337383
Size: 11 x 8 1/2
Illustrations: 539 color & 21 b/w photos
Pages 176
Binding: Hard Cover
Publisher: Schiffer Books

Book Previews

Below are some sample 2 page spreads from the book (click on the images for a larger preview).